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Bishop Paul Morton – Your Best Days Yet (Live)

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I absolutely love a song that ministers to me , guides me, gives me strength and encouragement — and that’s exactly what this song by Bishop Paul Morton does for me.  If you are in need of a word today, then this is the song for your.  Sometimes we get discouraged during our life’s journey and get weary, and so, it’s so important to hear a words that are uplifting and hopeful!  The question before us today is whether we truly believe that “The best is yet to come.”  Peace and blessings.


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  • @BishopPMorton - Fri 3 Jul 05:38:28 PM
    Sorry tickets are sold out @eOneNashville you are simply the best. I'm grateful for all you do Thanks so much
  • @gvisionmib - Fri 3 Jul 01:26:52 PM
    RT @BishopPMorton 'Purple Cows' R growing & multiplying all around!!! People giving nourishment & 'Standing On The Word' of God In Their Heart.
  • @jbrew7 - Fri 3 Jul 01:26:08 PM
    RT @BishopPMorton yes we sure are
  • @KandaceMcKinne3 - Fri 3 Jul 01:25:48 PM
    RT @BishopPMorton @62caf64c8eff429 they would usually start teaching them that in sixth grade we are in a war we need his glory cry loudly.
  • @belovedalexa - Fri 3 Jul 01:24:12 PM
    RT @BishopPMorton you may be one of the last of a dying breed, bishop. Please pray for pastors who wage war on the enemy w/o fear of man.


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