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Pastor Michael Lampkin – BET Sunday Best Season 5

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Michael Lampkin hails from St. Louis, MO has worked his way to the top finalist during the BET Sunday Best Season 5 gospel singing competition.  Perhaps you all remember the name “Amber Bullock”  – last year’s reigning star of BET Sunday Best.  Well, for those that don’t know it, Pastor Lampkin is Bullock’s Pastor at Fresh Anointing Properity Ministries.  Lampkin, 28 years of age, says he is “I’m surprised God has allowed me this opportunity,” says Lampkin, 28, a singer Bullock describes as the best in the world. “I’m really shocked to be there.” Read more full article about Lampkin on St. Louis Today

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  • @MichaelALampkin - Tue 30 Jun 11:38:56 PM
    MY HELP COMES FROM LORD. Thank God for his undeniable help.
  • @MichaelALampkin - Tue 30 Jun 06:01:30 AM
    Yep. This pretty much sums it up. Lbvvvs
  • @MichaelALampkin - Mon 29 Jun 10:45:09 PM
    Man Bishop Tavis Grant was that a shot in the Arm that we needed it's a must he grace the fresh again…
  • @MichaelALampkin - Mon 29 Jun 01:11:45 AM
    My nephew just barges into my bedroom and eats my oatmeal cookie from subway ummmm okay. And then…
  • @MichaelALampkin - Sun 28 Jun 07:34:42 PM
    Bishop Is up oh God Here we Go!!!!

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