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Joshua Rogers – BET Sunday Best Season 5

Our weekly poll shows that LiveMyGospel Fans are predicting that Joshua Rogers will go all the way on BET Sunday Best Season 5 gospel singing competition.

If you’re looking for some background about Joshua we found this information about him to share with you:

Joshua Rogers’ passion for music began as a three-year-old when he would drum on pots and pans in his mother’s kitchen in Manning. Today, at 18, he is one of 20 finalists at BET’s Sunday Best, a reality television gospel singing competition series. As its name suggests, the show airs on Sundays at 8 p.m.

Each season the show and its judges set out to find the best undiscovered gospel talent in the U.S. Finalists compete each week until a winner is crowned. Rogers said that he was selected for the top 20, from more than 6,000 who tried out in the Atlanta region alone.

Rogers grew up singing in the choir at True Believers Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Greeleyville. Today, the recent graduate of C.E. Murray High School sings everywhere including church functions, weddings, funerals and banquets.

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“If someone in the community has a function, they often invite Joshua to sing,” said his mother, Sharon Rogers.

Sharon said that singing was not something that she ever had to force on Joshua.

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