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Kirk Franklin – Don’t Cry

A song appropriate not only for Easter but every day of the year.  From the album “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin” with the maestro Richard Smallwood on piano.  Through song, musical instruments and praise dance Kirk Franklin and others remind us that “By his stripes we are healed…why do you cry… he has risen…why are you weeping…he’s not dead.”  These are words to live by – a Truth that we need only abide by.  Peace & Blessings to you this day and everyday.

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  • @kirkfranklin - Mon 30 May 03:09:56 PM
    Sending love and deep respect for the heroes that have fallen defending our country. Please don't let it be in vain. #MEMORIALDAY
  • @kirkfranklin - Sat 28 May 03:18:41 PM
    I love my team..and I hate when we lose. Because when we lose, the kingdom feels it. #imdone
  • @kirkfranklin - Sat 28 May 03:17:34 PM
    Anyone can use a scripture to defend their view, that's why you gotta know the whole book, and not just the verse...
  • @kirkfranklin - Sat 28 May 03:15:45 PM
    People will forgive; I've seen it in my own life. They just don't like BULL. Our job to win souls, justifying our wrong ain't the solution..
  • @kirkfranklin - Sat 28 May 03:13:20 PM
    I know it's power when we confess our sins, and not make excuses. When a Christian falls, it affects everyone; not just the one fallen..

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