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Kirk Franklin – Don’t Cry

A song appropriate not only for Easter but every day of the year.  From the album “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin” with the maestro Richard Smallwood on piano.  Through song, musical instruments and praise dance Kirk Franklin and others remind us that “By his stripes we are healed…why do you cry… he has risen…why are you weeping…he’s not dead.”  These are words to live by – a Truth that we need only abide by.  Peace & Blessings to you this day and everyday.

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  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 27 Mar 05:25:54 PM
    I'd rather fail at trying, than succeed at doing nothing.
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 27 Mar 05:04:06 PM
    @PYT_Gina ha! Thank you sis!
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 27 Mar 05:03:31 PM
    @lonelyhboy thank you bro! Don't give up.
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 26 Mar 06:21:13 PM
    Dads, Just Be There
  • @kirkfranklin - Wed 25 Mar 07:13:11 PM
    "I gathered all of my hearts desires.. money, women, things. At the end of my search, I found it all meaningless"-Solomon,10 B.C.

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