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Donnie McClurkin – Stand (Whitney Houston Homegoing)

As with all the individuals who sang at Whitney’s Homegoing Celebration, Donnie McClurkin sang with his heart STAND — after you’ve done all you can, just STAND.  Life and death is a mystery that we shall probably never understand, but the words of this song contain a formula for living.  When you can do nothing else of yourself, just Stand.  Peace & Blessings.


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  • @Donnieradio - Tue 26 May 04:38:51 PM
    Hope U had a great Memorial Day weekend. Here's a powerful Word Of The Day - "Rest But Don't Sleep". Be encouraged.
  • @825peridot - Fri 22 May 05:45:18 PM
    RT @Donnieradio It's late and I can't sleep, starting to listening to your Duet CD. What a worship experience! Thank you pastor! Bless you!
  • @Donnieradio - Tue 19 May 12:04:35 PM
    @rashadtimmons It was great meeting you....give my regards to your mother~! God bless you
  • @Donnieradio - Fri 15 May 10:21:20 PM
    Word Of The Day straight from @PFCNY and The Donnie McClurkin Show. Make sure you build a Godly legacy.

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