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Tamela Mann – Step Aside

Tamela Mann ministers to us through song telling us to hold on and not to give up….don’t worry you don’t have to cry.  She assures us that God sees what you’re going through.  She reminds us that God is willing and able…this didn’t catch him by surprise.  Mann then nudges us to trust Him  and JUST STEP ASIDE.  That is the formula to faith– just step aside.  We find ourselves praying for a miracle but won’t step aside — I too am guilty of such every day when faced with an adverse situation.  Maybe just once we should give it a try.  Peace & blessings to all this day — and, lean not unto your own understanding — just step aside.

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  • @DAVIDANDTAMELA - Sat 29 Aug 11:33:13 PM
    The Mann kids out feeding people who are in transition....This is what life is about! #Teammann http://t.co/8DvyJZ3XUs
  • @DAVIDANDTAMELA - Sat 29 Aug 03:55:54 PM
    Hey Family, check out this new film premiering TONIGHT on BET! The film is titled "Let the church say amen" Click... http://t.co/z9Nb5CUyfT
  • @DAVIDANDTAMELA - Wed 26 Aug 10:56:54 PM
    LIVE on #Periscope: The little clan Mann https://t.co/NZdN9hXH8A
  • @DAVIDANDTAMELA - Tue 25 Aug 07:24:33 PM
    Greenville, SC, we are so EXCITED about SpiritFest 2015!! If ya'll are any where near Greenville on Sunday, Sep... http://t.co/nkeNnyHUe0
  • @DAVIDANDTAMELA - Mon 24 Aug 01:21:27 PM
    All of the grands headed back to school this morning! #Teammann http://t.co/K8FbsO2075


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