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Kirk Franklin – Why We Sing

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Some days are more difficult than others.  In fact the morning sometimes begins with huge challenges and I just want to throw in the towel and go back to bed.  And, some days even the smallest challenge can throw you off track — and you question your faith.   But Kirk Franklin and Family brought this simple song to remind us of the reasons why you too can sing.  No matter what you’re going through — in spite of the conditions we face — lift your hands and remember to sing.  PeACe and BlesSings.



  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 3 Jul 06:54:35 AM
    @alexis_bronte next time SPEAK!😊
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 2 Jul 07:58:18 PM
    @K__Allen Rom. 8:28 big homie! Stay strong out here bro! Pray you get Gods best!
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 2 Jul 07:51:45 PM
    @K__Allen In humility, they're not just scriptures they're His very words. And we must not quote them enough cause we're still scared..
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 2 Jul 06:39:52 PM
    @K__Allen lol I think that's the problem don't you? The reason why our faith is so jacked up is we speak more opinion than God's truth..
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 2 Jul 05:02:47 PM
    "Fear Not, Fear Not, Fear Not". The bible says it over and over again because we deal with it over and over again. So, FEAR NOT.


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