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Kirk Franklin – Why We Sing

Some days are more difficult than others.  In fact the morning sometimes begins with huge challenges and I just want to throw in the towel and go back to bed.  And, some days even the smallest challenge can throw you off track — and you question your faith.   But Kirk Franklin and Family brought this simple song to remind us of the reasons why you too can sing.  No matter what you’re going through — in spite of the conditions we face — lift your hands and remember to sing.  PeACe and BlesSings.

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  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 25 Aug 08:05:19 PM
    You don't quit just because God doesn't respond the way you want Him to. Weak people do that; not soldiers.
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 25 Aug 02:45:26 AM
    @SaikoWoods I'm sorry I continue to be a disappointment to you... Seems like I've been doing that for a while now with you. Sincerely.
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 25 Aug 02:37:43 AM
    @SaikoWoods what did I do now brother.....?
  • @kirkfranklin - Thu 25 Aug 12:00:52 AM
    God seems to have a never ending supply of life to learn from...#thoughts
  • @kirkfranklin - Wed 24 Aug 02:06:46 PM
    ALL things are working together for you good. ALL THINGS.


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