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Kirk Franklin and The Family – Now Behold the Lamb

In 1992, Kirk Franklin organized “The Family”, which is a seventeen-voice choir, formed from neighborhood friends and associates. In 1992, Vicki Mack-Lataillade, the co-founder of fledgling record label GospoCentric, heard one of their demo tapes and was so impressed she immediately signed up Kirk & The Family to a recording contract.  In 1993, the group, now known as “Kirk Franklin & The Family,” released their debut album, Kirk Franklin & The Family. It spent almost two years on the Gospel music charts and charted on the R&B charts, eventually earning platinum sales status. It remained at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart for 42 weeks. It was the first gospel music album to sell over a million units. The rest is history. Main Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.



  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 24 Oct 05:18:49 PM
    We’ve been hoodwinked. Are any of us, especially atheists, really prepared to live our lives within that worldview?"-Dr. Francis Collins.
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 24 Oct 05:17:12 PM
    "If the Moral Law is just a side effect of evolution, then there is no such thing as good or evil. It’s all an illusion....
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 24 Oct 12:50:43 PM
    I refuse to believe I have put my life in the hands of a lie. Christ is the resurrected son of God. Death is defeated. And I am accepted.
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 24 Oct 05:16:10 AM
    @Hinehyeshua I thought it was interesting that even the leader of the free world recognized things in the world are getting crazy that's all
  • @kirkfranklin - Fri 24 Oct 03:56:07 AM
    "There is a sense and possibility that the world is spinning so fast, and no one is able to control it"-President Obama.

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