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William Murphy – Praise Is What I Do

William Murphy presents the question:  When will you praise Him?  And the appropriate responds is “through the good and bad…when I’m happy or sad.” Surely, we will encounter good and bad in this life but the question presented to us today is whether we will continually give praise?  PEaCe and blessings to you this day.

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  • @pastormurph - Sun 21 Sep 10:00:29 AM
    God told me to ask for 1000 people to join me in prayer. Are you 1 of 1000? I believe you are! So… http://t.co/OqKh9VNiIO
  • @pastormurph - Sat 20 Sep 11:33:37 PM
    Babygirl and I before I get to go minister thru worship. This HAS to be the greatest job ever! #BaDMhttp://t.co/1p0gPljo6F
  • @pastormurph - Sat 20 Sep 10:04:52 AM
    We're praying a hedge of protection around your family today...call in, so you can get in on this!… http://t.co/OJ38bK64V1
  • @pastormurph - Fri 19 Sep 09:32:19 PM
    Y'all CAN'T be praying! This was awaiting my arrival to my motel room! #prayforme http://t.co/0HNISIQ4lu
  • @pastormurph - Fri 19 Sep 10:23:05 AM
    TODAY...IS the day, that The Lord has made, and I will NOT lose who I am, because of the attack of the… http://t.co/vXvxhhzhIk


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