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William Murphy – Praise Is What I Do

William Murphy presents the question:  When will you praise Him?  And the appropriate responds is “through the good and bad…when I’m happy or sad.” Surely, we will encounter good and bad in this life but the question presented to us today is whether we will continually give praise?  PEaCe and blessings to you this day.

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  • @pastormurph - Tue 4 Aug 12:58:36 PM
    Pray this prayer with us: Father...in The Name of Jesus, we enter into… https://t.co/5xoRlic2Ho
  • @pastormurph - Mon 3 Aug 02:05:46 AM
    @common Great show tonight bro! And thanks for the love...it was the perfect way to end my birthday! Holla!
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  • @pastormurph - Thu 30 Jul 12:21:37 PM
    Pray this prayer with me: Good morning Holy Spirit...today's going to be… https://t.co/V2BDPEr80k
  • @pastormurph - Thu 30 Jul 09:56:15 AM
    Prayer will fix it! Call in now...we'll be together til 615aEST.… https://t.co/EXXGrX5U3q


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