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William Murphy presents the question:  When will you praise Him?  And the appropriate responds is “through the good and bad…when I’m happy or sad.” Surely, we will encounter good and bad in this life but the question presented to us today is whether we will continually give praise?  PEaCe and blessings to you this day.

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  • @pastormurph - Tue 30 Jun 03:40:27 PM
    Guys?! Let's take the next 7 days, and cover our sister...deal? Praying The Will of God, concerning… https://t.co/ogdvTKaKmB
  • @pastormurph - Mon 29 Jun 01:49:49 PM
    What a super surprise, and a blessing to see you guys yesterday! AND, to share the move of God together! Next time! https://t.co/Uz9KbDRAN9
  • @pastormurph - Mon 29 Jun 01:48:19 PM
    Enjoyed you last night bro! You had it Popin @BryanPopin! Lol https://t.co/LjYPYiqKAa
  • @TaylorDenise_ - Sun 28 Jun 09:34:34 PM
    RT You've put things on the shelf that should be on the altar - @pastormurph
  • @pastormurph - Sun 28 Jun 09:23:23 AM
    Prayer this prayer with me: Good morning Holy Spirit....today's gonna be a super day for us! Today, I… https://t.co/21lmreWuNJ


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