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Smokie Norful – Dear God

How many of us really, really stop to give thanks in the manner in which Smokie Norful presents to us in song where he declares it feels so good to make it this far when there were times he wanted to quit — even when friends walked away, and nothing seemed just right.  Norful takes the time to thank God for his life – in spite of it all:  for every victory in you I’ve seen…I know you kept me.  I realize some didn’t make it. I could have been one of the ones who lost my way.  And there were times when Lord, I know I almost went crazy but lord I know I’m still here with my life. Sometimes in the midst of the busy day, we should take a PAUSE and just give thanks.  Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones.

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    if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area today, grab some school supplies and come on out!! Hope to see you there
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    Sooooo....took my champ to the groomer and they gave him back like this...aww naw. Im sorry but the…
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    RT GroovSpot: R&P's Spot On The Web!: Billboard Gospel Albums For The Week Of 9/6/14 | @smokienorful @wowilovemusic
  • @victorovundah - Fri 29 Aug 04:01:17 AM
    RT @smokienorful your songs are soul lifting. Thank God for you
  • @praisejammer - Fri 29 Aug 04:01:06 AM
    RT @smokienorful Congratulations Smokie! #proud #purchasingmycopy

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