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Color Purple – Maybe God’s Trying to Tell You Something

Did you know that Andrae Crouch is the songwriter for the The Color Purple soundtrack – “Maybe God’s Trying to Tell You Something.” Andrae was eleven years old when his father was invited to preach at a small church in a farming community. The church didn’t have a pastor so the bishop invited Andrae’s father to become the pastor. That first Sunday, Andrae’s father asked him to come up front. He said, “Andrae, if God gave you the gift of music to play and sing for him would you do it for his glory all your life?” Andrae said, “Yeah daddy.” A couple of weeks later, his father asked him to come up as the congregation was singing. He said, “If you’re gonna play, play.” Andrae found the key, and started to play the piano. As he got a little older, he started to write songs, and lead a choir. Until he was fourteen, he had a stuttering problem—so he let his sister talk for him in public. Main Source:  Wikipedia.

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