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Michael Pugh – BET Sunday Best 2011

By now we’ve all become acquainted with Michael Pugh from his participation as a contestant on BET Sunday Best’s gospel singing competition.  Many fans were disappointed when Mr. Pugh was eliminated from the competition.  However, a number of folks so eloquently expressed that Mr. Pugh has the anointing upon him and what God intends for Mr. Pugh is for Mr. Pugh.  The bottom line is that his gift of song simply cannot be validated by a singing competition.  Included in this post are only a couple of videos but we pray that his collection grows by leaps and bounds as he grows his music ministry. Peace & Blessings

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  • @SingMichaelPugh - Thu 24 Jul 08:28:09 PM
    @JayeDaVaughn it was an honor!! She was a great woman
  • @JayeDaVaughn - Thu 24 Jul 08:27:10 PM
    RT “@SingMichaelPugh: @JayeDaVaughn ok I'm back” // 🙌🙌 good lol && thank you for ministering at my Aunt's Homegoing #Amazing 💯💯💯
  • @SingMichaelPugh - Tue 22 Jul 01:47:44 PM
    @JayeDaVaughn ok I'm back
  • @SingMichaelPugh - Tue 22 Jul 01:47:28 PM
    @JayeDaVaughn dnt do that to me lol
  • @SingMichaelPugh - Thu 27 Feb 07:35:34 PM
    @DIVA_MOM521 u met my mom lol..she's sumthn else isn't she???


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