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Shirley Murdock – Dream

Shirley Murdock (born May 22, 1957, in Toledo, Ohio)- Shirley comes to minister to us in song about God giving her a dream that would not die. We are reassured that you will be shown your dream and you will be given the strength to pursue your dream. We all face days that are sometimes filled with pain, difficulty and suffering — the path is sometimes not easy but keep your mind stayed on God.

The question presented to us today is whether you believe in your dream. Stay strong, stay focused and keep the faith through it all. Peace and blessings to all this day.

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  • @bigdog1868 - Sat 22 Nov 11:56:40 AM
    RT @ShirleyMurdock #Man''Oh ''Man!! The Voice!!Love you and your music.God Bless you Lady.Stay Strong.
  • @ShirleyMurdock - Sat 22 Nov 11:55:23 AM
    Early flight...can't wait to get to destination and have fellowship with lady pillow and past-uh sheets! πŸ’€
  • @ShirleyMurdock - Fri 21 Nov 05:27:30 PM
    @StacyLattisaw Hi sweetie!! πŸ˜‡
  • @ShirleyMurdock - Thu 20 Nov 09:44:34 PM
    @joeylanova The BEST pizza & Chicken!!! Whenever I am in Buffalo performing it's a MUST HAVE!!! Do you ship 2 Ohio???
  • @ShirleyMurdock - Thu 20 Nov 09:36:53 PM
    La Nova's Pizza!!! Love this ...a MUST HAVE whenever I'm in Buffalo, NY! Stay warm and safe @YoungBiz and Buffalo!


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