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Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell – I look to You

Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell ministers to us in this powerful song. Burrell and Houston came to remind us that when it appears that you can’t go any further; perhaps you’re lost without a cause; or winter storms have darkened your sun and you can’t find your strength, there is still hope when you look to the Lord.

The question presented to us today is whether you will look to the Lord when you are in the midst of the storm, when you have lost your melody, when darkness is all around you?

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  • @KimBurrellLove - Tue 21 Oct 10:04:04 PM
    Many times it seems like God waits until the last minute to step in… But all things work in His timing! #ItsAlreadyDone
  • @KimBurrellLove - Tue 21 Oct 09:54:47 PM
    God is in the business of paying off school loans, giving scholarships, grants, etc… Have faith & believe #ItsAlreadyDone
  • @KimBurrellLove - Tue 21 Oct 09:51:49 PM
    God is in the business of paying off car loans… U better believe #ItsAlreadyDone
  • @KimBurrellLove - Tue 21 Oct 09:49:13 PM
    God's given many of u books 2write & He’s giving u favor w/publishing & distribution companies. Do what God told u 2do&know #ItsAlreadyDone
  • @KimBurrellLove - Tue 21 Oct 09:30:09 PM
    Some are on a serious hunt for love, but if u pray & work on bettering yourself, Your husband/wife will be on the way… #ItsAlreadyDone