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Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell – I look to You

Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell ministers to us in this powerful song. Burrell and Houston came to remind us that when it appears that you can’t go any further; perhaps you’re lost without a cause; or winter storms have darkened your sun and you can’t find your strength, there is still hope when you look to the Lord.

The question presented to us today is whether you will look to the Lord when you are in the midst of the storm, when you have lost your melody, when darkness is all around you?

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  • @KimBurrellLove - Wed 3 Sep 02:00:20 AM
  • @KimBurrellLove - Mon 1 Sep 08:58:26 PM
    If we're honest, the best we've done so far, is only the beginning to our next. #MusicMonday
  • @KimBurrellLove - Mon 1 Sep 08:22:40 PM
    We should always continue this move called MUSIC. Keep moving, growing, learning, and never stop creating. #MusicMonday
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    To"arrive" is to suggest that you're worthy of stopping at what you've done so far. #MusicMonday
  • @KimBurrellLove - Mon 1 Sep 08:11:07 PM
    We that are artists should never consider that we've "arrived". #MusicMonday



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