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Pastor Bruce Parham

Bruce V. Parham, Sr., Ph.D. was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He is the youngest of three sons given to Pastor Arthur and Almeda Parham. Being raised as a son in ministry, both physically and spiritually, instilled his burden for ministry. It was obvious by the age of two that Bishop Parham had a rich anointing to sing. As an adolescent, he was engaged as a regular soloist at various church services, annual conventions and convocations of Mt. Sinai Holy Churches of America, Inc. During this time, Bishop Parham’s gift of singing was encouraged by his grandmother who told him to “Open up your mouth and sing!”

This advice proved beneficial. At the age of twenty, Bishop Parham won numerous state and national gospel music competitions. Concurrently, Bishop Parham answered the Lord’s call to preach the Word. Together his anointing to sing intertwined with his anointing to expound the Word made him unique. After singing at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in St. Louis, MO; he received his first of many recording contracts. For the next decade, known as “Philadelphia’s Son of Promise”, Bishop Parham recorded three solo albums and worked with copious leaders in the gospel music industry. Main Source:  Emtro Gospel.

Pursuant to his many years of dedication to education and ministry, Bishop Parham received his Masters Arts in Theology and his Ph.D. in Religion from the North Carolina College of Theology in June 2006. His commitment to the Word has stimulated his desire to open a school to equip leaders for ministry.

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