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Pastor E. Dewey Smith

E. Dewey Smith, Jr., is the Pastor/Teacher of The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church located in Decatur, Georgia. He is the President/CEO of Logos Ministries, Inc. and author of “How To Keep Better From Turning Worse,” “Living Single,” and “A Model for Marriage.” Pastor Smith is widely acclaimed as one of the most gifted pulpiteers and homileticians of the 21st century. God has favored Smith by allowing tremendous and explosive growth to accompany his ministry. He is married to the lovely, Andrea F. Smith and they are the proud parents of two sons: Kamari Elijah, and the recently born Kylen Isaiah.

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  • @bishopsdavisque - Fri 29 Aug 03:46:49 AM
    RT @edeweysmith I appreciate the attention that u continue 2 bring 2 depression & suicide in ministry families.
  • @Cheree_Haston - Fri 29 Aug 03:46:39 AM
    RT @edeweysmith @KhaalidaForbes Had a 42 yr old classmate in my hometown commit suicide 2 days ago. Shocking 2everyone: we must do something!
  • @edeweysmith - Fri 29 Aug 03:37:29 AM
    PASTORS/LEADERS/FAMILY If you're DEPRESSED, STRESSED--Contemplating Suicide--THERE'S HELP! @KhaalidaForbes http://t.co/n09fuE0t4Z
  • @KhaalidaForbes - Fri 29 Aug 03:33:03 AM
    RT SUICIDE PREVENTION! Before it's too late! Contact @KhaalidaForbes @edeweysmith http://t.co/7JKAS0KNK0
  • @edeweysmith - Fri 29 Aug 02:45:20 AM
    @IfVincent @HOHATL Your point is well taken! I believe it was a divine moment, though the characterization of it may be relative.

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