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  • @JonteThomas - Tue 26 Apr 02:59:23 AM
    Now why I have another twitter account. I forgot I had this one. Lol - gotta delete one. But which?
  • @JonteThomas - Wed 5 May 10:59:28 PM
    I have EVERYTHNG I need. Im so happy. yaaay me! :-D
  • @JonteThomas - Thu 17 Dec 09:29:57 PM
    Im getting married tomorrow! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!
  • @JonteThomas - Thu 10 Dec 02:54:32 AM
    whats happenin folks? I have soo much goin on, my head hurts! pray for me, for real!
  • @JonteThomas - Tue 3 Nov 04:43:18 PM
    I got love on my mind... :-D

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