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John H. McClure, Jr

John H. McClure, Jrย Top 5 Season 2

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  • @JMcClureJr - Fri 31 Oct 02:40:06 AM
    For those of you that didn't think the #Knicks would play better tonight...๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹#wewillmaketheplayoffs The moment was too big for the #Cavs
  • @JMcClureJr - Fri 31 Oct 12:03:35 AM
    Ok...LeBron gets whatEVER he wants. Did you just see this #Nike commercial? #AMAZING
  • @JMcClureJr - Tue 28 Oct 03:04:53 PM
    What's good bro @JJ_Hairston 'Everything I Need' is on REPEAT!!! #ItPushedMe...I'm upset with @marandacwillis right now!!! Geesh!
  • @JMcClureJr - Tue 28 Oct 03:01:47 PM
    Get ready MS @JJ_Hairston & YP are coming @TheWestPoint church on Wed. Nov 5th! It's about to be CRAZY. 'I See Victory Tour' @PastorCathey
  • @JMcClureJr - Tue 28 Oct 02:29:22 AM
    #Cowboynation is on HUSH right now. I don't like Dallas but never wanna see a player get hurt.

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