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John H. McClure, Jr

John H. McClure, Jr Top 5 Season 2

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  • @JMcClureJr - Fri 22 May 10:56:03 PM
    Starting off the wknd right w/my ride or beautiful wife tmcclure930😘 #isntshelovely
  • @JMcClureJr - Fri 22 May 05:39:57 PM
    @lilcap41 good seeing you too Tracy
  • @JMcClureJr - Fri 22 May 05:35:53 PM
    I'm not sure who this young lady is but she is blessing ME right now. @yebbasmith you are a gem. Keep…
  • @JMcClureJr - Thu 21 May 03:42:13 PM
    'Every word has a definition bcuz there is a destination attached to it'~Dr. Johnson. Use your words wisely, it determines where ur going!!
  • @JMcClureJr - Wed 20 May 12:57:16 AM
    Number 4...

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