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John H. McClure, Jr

John H. McClure, Jr Top 5 Season 2

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  • @JMcClureJr - Thu 23 Oct 02:10:31 PM
    LOL!!! RT @_SpreadTheWord: Just a lil upset that @JMcClureJr sang today at Abundant and I was not there lol
  • @JMcClureJr - Wed 15 Oct 01:53:22 PM
    Man listen!!! RT @LSpenserSmith: @JMcClureJr You, my brother, are an INCREDIBLE GIFT to the Body!! I can't wait to sing bgv for you!!! Yes!!
  • @JMcClureJr - Wed 15 Oct 01:52:26 PM
    'While He Is Near' has me in a great place of worship right now!!!! @LSpenserSmith project c'mon people GET IT!!!! #Unstoppable #HeIs #IAm
  • @JMcClureJr - Tue 14 Oct 04:48:48 PM
    Thanks again bro @LSpenserSmith for letting me be a part of this AWESOME PROJECT!!! I can't stop listening to it! #HeIs #IAm #Unstoppable
  • @JMcClureJr - Tue 14 Oct 01:08:45 PM
    @MrFabulous2005 thanks man.

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